Why Uganda

Why Visit Uganda on Holiday Tour

Are you looking for a suitable destination for you and your loved ones to take a vacation? Are you an ardent bird watcher or simply love wildlife? Uganda is the ultimate destination.
Why you should choose Uganda as your Honey Moon safari, Gorilla Safari or Cultural Tour  destination:

  • Uganda is home to half of the world’s surviving population of the endangered mountain gorilla.
  • Uganda’s is one of the world’s most accessible birding destinations with over 1008 avian species.
  • Uganda has 342 mammal wildlife species with both west and east African mammals well represented
  • Uganda has 10 national parks which are well developed for tourism.
  • The best grade five rafting on the Nile and in the world occurs in Uganda
  • You can enjoy the bungee jump from the highest point on the Nile in Jinja. This is the highest point on the Nile that one can jump from worldwide
  • The country accommodates all tourist types and interest categories
  • The country is politically safe and free of political turmoil
  • Uganda has been ranked as one of the most secure African tourist destination
  • The country has embraced ecotourism and conservation thus has a lot to avail to the ordinary tourist
  • The Rwenzori mountains is a fitting challenge to the experienced runner
  • In some parks you can choose to view wildlife on horse back.
  • Night walks can be organized in any of the national parks for those that love to explore the night dwellers and nocturnal wildlife
  • All destinations have comfortable accommodation units for all budget categories from budget, midrange way up to the luxury tourist
  • Educational programs, walks and baby sitting facilities are available at all destinations. Well trained guides have been stationed at parks to specifically handle children.
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