Self Drive Holidays Uganda, What to Expect on A Self Drive Safari in Uganda

Are you transferring on a self drive Holiday in Uganda, may be your friends have encountered one and narrated to you about the whole experience so we recommend you take on one around the various safari destinations around Uganda.

May be you are considering your trip? Thinking about the state of the roads around the country, how the entire car hire and self drive adventure will go? We are fully equipped to give you unique experiences that are soothing and incredible for all.

Luxury Uganda Safaris has grown throughout this game for a long period hence experienced to offer exciting safari experiences to all kinds of travelers interested in Self Driving around Uganda while on vacation holiday.

We are Self Drive experts in Uganda offering unique self drive safaris to all our clients from all over the globe. We draft tailor made safari packages to all clients depending on what they wish to experience and adventure while on holiday in the beautiful Park of Africa-Uganda since we are informed of the various routes and safari destinations around the country.

Why Self-drive Safari Holidays in Uganda?

Self driving in Uganda is one of the most prominent Adventure experiences every traveler should encounter while on holiday vacation Tour in the beautiful Pearl of Africa-Uganda. These offer travelers unique experiences.

8 Reasons why every traveler should take on a self drive Safari Holiday in Uganda

Superb Value for Money

When you go on self drive around Uganda, you save lots of money as well as encounter unique safari destinations since you are not limited to the drafted safari package made by the company representative.


Self Driving is very flexible due to the fact that it offers client s an opportunity to follow their own way without being restricted to a tailor made plan drafted by a safari expert. For example; you can easily add nights, safari destinations to transfer to as well as experiences to encounter.


Self driving in Uganda offers clients extreme privacy on their holiday trips since they do not have to follow packages drafted by the safari experts. It is very appropriate for solo travelers and those looking to spend their holidays personal.


All travelers that go self driving in Uganda have an opportunity to enjoy their free will, own space since they can go to any safari destination of their choice and can stop anywhere.


Self driving in Uganda is a very safe way to spend your holidays in Uganda since it enables you track your gadgets, luggage, documents etc without any worry of them getting lost/ misplaced.

Own Will

While on self drive in Uganda, travelers have the freedom to draft their own safari packages according to what they wish to experience while on vacation holiday depending on their specific interests. They can as well as change/ choose their accommodation preferences.

Reduce cancellation risks

Self driving is very appropriate to travelers since it reduces the risks of cancellation and not being refunded since the traveler’s role is to book a car with a valid tour operator agency then the rest is up to the traveler’s interests.


Car Hire/ self drive is direct and favors the traveler’s budget since you travel and experience what you want within your budget.

Why you should or should not use a GPS on Self Drive in Uganda

The GPS navigation system is very important for all travelers going on self drive safaris around the numerous safari destinations in Uganda. Numerous travelers have made this a MUST have gadget despite the fact that it has pros and cons depending on where the travelers want to go.

Some travelers have Google maps installed on their phones to help them locate their final destinations around Uganda.

We advise travelers to be cautious about using the GPS because these are very functional in the urban areas and less functional in the rural areas since all they indicate are the main roads around the city and towns but not the candid remote roads deep down in the villages.

However, it is useful to a large extent since it gives you directions around the city center as well as crowded streets making it easier for you to find city malls, shopping centers and markets around the country.

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