Safe Driving Tips in Uganda

Safe Driving Tips in Uganda

  • Monitor Your Speed

    As you are preparing to travel to any part of Uganda, ensure to monitor your speed because this varies from 60 kilometers per hour to 80 kilometers per hour. This will reduce the rate of getting an accident or an over turn that may lead to loss of life.

  • Keep your eyes on the Road

    Be alert and always keep your eyes on the road while driving so as not to knock others which may lead to inconveniences and imprisonment.

  • Avoid Distractions

    While driving, make sure to pay attention and avoid any distractions that might take your mind off the road as well as driving the car. These include people along the roadside, chaos, fights along the road, animals crossing etc, you should be steady to avoid any issues-road accidents along the road.

  • Do routine Checks

    before transferring on your trip, make sure to do routine checks on the car, tyres and maintenance condition so as to avoid any accidents along the way. You check if the water levels are ok, oil, insurance as well as other tools like jakes to help you during emergencies.

  • Don’t drive on shoulders

    While transferring on your safari trip, ensure to keep a measurable distance off another car for driving on shoulders could cause some complications as well as accidents hence inconveniences as you travel.

  • Fasten your seat belt

    Before starting your car to travel, make sure to fasten your seat belts in Uganda. In case a police officer catches you without one, you will be liable to penalty which is a very serious inconvenience during your travel. So fasten your seat belt to save your life in case of collision.

  • Give way

    while driving along the roads in Uganda, you will notice and encounter many reckless drivers, so we advise you give way in case approached for this will make the whole travelling process easier and smooth.

  • Follow the Uganda driving rules and Road signs

    As you prepare for your safari holiday trip to Uganda, make sure to follow the driving rules for example having a valid driving permit because these are requested for at almost all stop points by the traffic police officers that stand along the road ways. Follow the various road signs as well to avoid getting into car collisions as well as road accidents.

  • Indicate when Overtaking

    If interested in over taking as you drive, we recommend you switch on indicators to signal other drivers on the road for this will reduce the rates at which accidents may happen along the road. This will also prevent you from colliding with other vehicles on the road.

  • Ensure to fuel your Car well

    before you set off with your journey to any destination around Uganda, ensure to check and refill your fuel so as not to get stuck along the road since this will cause an inconvenience on your trip as you will have to go look for a nearby petrol station which are sometimes located very far to fill your tank.

  • Make Yourself Visible

    As you driving along the roads of Uganda especially at night, make sure to be visible for all the other drivers on the road by indication, making sure your lights are on so as to reduce risks of running into any accidents.

  • Control your Emotions

    when on a road trip in Uganda, ensure to control your emotions because if you don’t, you might end up into problem with other road users which will inconvenience you on your safari.

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