Wildlife Encounters in Uganda

Wildlife in Uganda has made the country among Africa’s most prominent safari destinations due to the various species the pearl of Africa has. These range from the BIG 5 of Africa- The African Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard and Rhinos, BIG cats as well as other wildlife special species like the zebra, giraffe, hippos, sitatunga, antelopes, waterbucks, bushbucks, eland, topis etc. They usually inhabit the savannah vegetation in the National Parks with beautiful wonders as well for example the prominent Murchison Falls National Park with magnificent waterfalls that fall along the rocks making the destination very beautiful and a colorful rainbow that descend deep into the middle of the falls. There is also Kidepo with the cheetahs and huge elephants, Lake Mburo with the zebra and horses, Queen Elizabeth with the rare tree climbing lions, Semliki with the hot springs, Bwindi and Mgahinga with the Gorillas and Mt Rwenzori and Elgon with the nature trails to hike/ climb. There are also numerous primate species like the popular chimpanzees that inhabit the thick vegetation of the vast Kibale Forest and some are nocturnal like the potto.

Are you planning to travel to Uganda for an exciting wildlife encounter with a valid tour operator agency which will transfer you to any safari destination of your choice to experience a unique touch of wild Africa as you spot and interact with the numerous wildlife species. Depending on what you really want to experience book a holiday safaris to Uganda to experience the best safari vacation in the pearl of Africa.

What to do for A Special Wildlife Encounter.

  • Pair of good binoculars to enable you spot the various animals that inhabit the parks.
  • Book and hire a 4×4 land cruiser with a roof tent at the top, RAV4 to give a very special bush experience.
  • Ensure to move/ drive with a skilled guide/ driver to take you around.
  • Ensure to carry / wear comfortable-fitting safari boots/ shoes.
  • Carry a camera to take photos as well.
  • Carry a pair of sun glasses as well and sun screen to protect you from the heat of the sun.
  • Ensure not to get too close to the wild animals for this might provoke them into thinking you are an enemy.
  • Don’t startle and make noise while in the park.
  • In case you are approached by a wild animal drive backwards for moving towards them could provoke them into fighting you.
  • Don’t get out of the car while in the car no matter what.
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