Mountaineering in Uganda

Other than Mountaineering in Uganda at Mt. Rwenzori National Parks and Mt. Elgon National park travelers can as well transfer for Gorilla Trekking at Bwindi and Mgahinga and Chimpanzee Tracking at Kibale Forest National park, Kaniyo Pabidi Eco Tourist Site in Budongo Forest, Kalinzu Forest. For all travelers all over the globe interested in Mountaineering should book a Hiking Adventure safari to Mt. Rwenzori National Park to experience the best as they hike to the top of Margherita Peak.

Hiking/ Mountaineering is a very exceptional tourism activity carried out by all travelers looking for an exciting remarkable hike to the tops/ peaks of these tremendous Mountains. In Uganda the most prominently hiked Mountains are Rwenzori-“Mountains of the Moon” and Elgon along the border of Uganda and Kenya due to the unique encounters and experiences they offer to all travelers. However, there are other volcanic ranges of the Virungas in the vast green Mgahinga National Park. These are shorter than the other two i.e Mt. Gahinga, Muhabura, Sabinyo .

Climbing Mt. Rwenzori

mountaineering in UgandaRwenzori Mountain known as Africa’s highest block Mountain, Mt. Rwenzori should be every hiking traveler’s safari destination due to the remarkable experiences it offers to all. Transfer to the Rwenzori Mountains National Park also known as a World Heritage Centre to experience and take on exceptional safari tour adventures while in Uganda. The best time to go for the hiking is in the months of December to February or June to August. The Mountain has various peaks and these include;

  • Margherita (5109m ASL)
  • Alexandria (5091m)
  • Albert on Mt Stanley (5087m)
  • Mt Baker (4843m)
  • Speak (4889m)
  • Gessi (4797m)
  • Emeni (4791m)
  • Luig di savioa (4626m) and
  • Weisemann (4620m)

Mt. Elgon

Mount Elgon is situated along the border of Uganda and Kenya and is about 4,321m ASL making it the 4th highest Mountain in East Africa with thick mountain park boundaries of 1147 km2. The area around the Mountain is enfolded with mainly Afro-montane vegetation which comprises of gigantic groundsels as well as bamboo forest. The Mountain has milder climate and lower elevation with the highest peak/ summit called Wagagai. Getting there does not require exceptional hiking experience as well as physical fitness for anyone can climb as long as that’s what they want to do. The whole process requires only three days although, if one wants to have a deeper adventure so as learn more about Mountain Elgon, they will have to stay longer.

Mount Sabinyo volcano

Climbing Mount Sabinyo situated in the green vast Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and has 3645m offering exceptional hiking and climbing experiences to all kinds of travelers that wish to take on this while in Uganda. Mt Sabinyo is among the various rolling volcanoes of the Virungas which extend to the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the DR Congo. The other volcanoes are positioned in other countries or shared between two different countries. Mt. Sabinyo is founded in all the three countries making it the major volcano in the Virungas. While here, you will spot all the other ranges of the Virungas hence referring to it as a 360 degree experience. The volcano has various definite summits with peaks that look like an old man’s spaced teeth hence the name “Sabinyo”.

Hiking Mt. Sabinyo is very ideal in Uganda other than the other two countries i.e Rwanda and DR Congo. This is due to the intensely rugged terrain nature along the slopes as well as numerous craters and ridges that make it hard to climb to the top. In Uganda however, the government has managed to get a way to climb the steep volcano through inventing handmade ladders to enable climbers/ hikers to go till the top. The entire hiking experience takes about 8 hour’s i.e 4 hours to climb and 4 hours to slope/ descend in one day. This can also be affected by the velocity, weather, climate and physical fitness of the people/ group.

Hiking begins at the park office after being briefed by the ranger/ guide. You will get walking sticks to enable you navigate easily to the top for free and porters are available for hire. After briefing, you will proceed through thick vegetation ranges from the bamboo zone between 2400-2800 m and on your way, you will spot various primates like the rare Golden Monkey and other wildlife species like the elephants, buffalo, endangered Nyakagezi Gorilla group. From 2800-3200 m, you will have scenic views at the stunning forest territory of Hagenia Hypericum and above 3200 is the Sub-alpine zone which consists of fewer trees. Here, you will spot the prominent bird species called the Rwenzori Turaco which is endemic to the Albertine rift region. While at the summit, you will transfer to all the meeting points of all the countries which will give you remarkable encounters and experiences.

Climbing Mt M’Gahinga

Mount Gahinga is the nominal amongst all the six volcanoes of the Virungas situated at approximately 3400m. The trail which proceeds to the summit crater was made approachable since January 2010 so as to make it flexible for tourists/ climbers to hike to the top of the volcano easily. The volcano as compared to the rest in the Virungas, offers exceptional hiking experiences due to the presence of numerous Volcanic caves which give climbers a unique adventurous experience.

Hiking the volcano is wonderful and takes you through the beautiful bamboo forest at the bottom of the volcano then to the stunning crater that is relatively trivial with a floor that is swathed in swamps and moors including plants like Alchemillia, Senecio and Lobelia thrive. Mt. M’Gahinga’s surrounding area is unique from the rest of the volcanoes in the park due to the various flora types which enhance the beauty of the area. Hiking to the top of this volcano will take a half/ full day depending on the strength as well as physical fitness of the climbers and time taken at the summit. The climbing process takes about 6 hours and the park fees for the climb are US $75 per person with a park guide. The trek begins at 7:00 am.

Climbing Mt Muhabura

Mt. Muhabura is situated and marks the borders between Uganda and Rwanda hence the most easterly volcano in the Virunga range. The volcano offers incredible experiences to all that get to the top of it due to the exceptional views climbers get like the other five volcanoes as well as the twin lakes i.e Lake burera and Ruhonda in Rwanda. Close to the summit is a beautiful Crater Lake as well as dry vegetation with gigantic heather along the slopes of the volcano. The word Muhabura means sentinel in the local language of Kinyarwanda. Due to its unique shape, this volcano can be spotted from various parts of the country. The climb is worth taking due to the exceptional experiences it offers with steep slopes. A full day is required to finish it starting at 7:00 am in the morning at the park headquarters in Kinigi. Purchase the permits on the day of climbing as well as booking. You can also hire a porter to help you carry your luggage as well.

Hiking/ Climbing Gear

  • Rain gear, i.e. rain coat/ Jacket
  • Strong trekking/ Hiking boots
  • Stocking hat for warmth
  • Gardening gloves for cold weather at the top
  • Long-sleeved shirts that are covering
  • Long pants/trousers to protect you from itchy plants e.g. stinging nettles
  • Packed Lunch and snacks
  • Bottled water

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