11 Tips to Enjoy Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzee Tours, Wildlife Tours and Birding Safaris in Uganda 

Travelling to Uganda to experience remarkable Wildlife Safari Tours, follow through the 11 Tips to Enjoy Your Holiday in Uganda on Vacation Tour. In Uganda, travelers can transfer for Gorilla Trekking which will enable them spot the rare species of Mountain Gorillas in their natural vegetation habitat at Bwindi Forest National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Wildlife Tours in Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo National Park, Chimpanzee Tracking Adventures in Kibale Forest National Park, Kalinzu Forest, Kyambura Gorge, Budongo Forest at Kaniyo Pabidi Eco Tourism Site.

Your Adventure Awaits

Know the Reason for your Travel

As you are planning to travel to Uganda for any holiday safari adventure, ensure you know what you want to encounter/ experience in Uganda. Uganda has numerous safari adventures to offer from Gorilla Trekking, wildlife safaris, busy / exciting nightlife to culture and the beautiful hospitable people. When you are sure of what you want to adventure and experience, enjoying Uganda is obvious since the whole procedure is made simple.

Travel As A Group

If you are travelling to Uganda and want to experience the best, plan a trip with friends/ family so that you won’t feel lonely and bored but instead happy with people you are familiar with. This also makes your safari less costly since you will share the costs with others and sometimes, tour operator agencies in Uganda offer discounts to travelers transferring in groups. Imagine a Gorilla trekking experience with family and friends at Bwindi Forest National Park located South West of Uganda would be amazing.

Carry the right Gear According to the Season

Uganda is suitably located close to the equator hence making its climate dry and wet throughout the year. We recommend you learn about the season of the year and you should carry clothing to cater for both seasons. Carry a rain jacket, sweater, cotton clothes to provide you with warmth when it’s cold and light clothing like shorts, cotton sleeveless shirts and blouses for the hot temperatures. You should also carry trekking/ hiking boots and slippers to enable your easy movement as well.

Book Your Safari with a Valid Tour Operator Agency

To enjoy your holiday safari adventure in Uganda, we recommend you book your holiday trip with an authentic Tour Operator Agency i.e Active African Vacations Limited which will draft for you the whole safari package as well as the costs to be paid for every encounter making it easier for your transfer from one place to another since they have full knowledge about these places. This will also enable you transfer cheaply and authentically.

If interested in  Chimpanzee Tracking, Gorilla Trekking, Golden Monkey Tracking, they can also help you book your trekking permit before your date of arrival.

Carry your required Travel Documents and Insurance

Before your travel to Uganda, ensure to carry all your valid travel documents so as not to be inconvenienced at borders, airports, on the Road as well as park entrance.
These include a traveler’s passport to enable you access Uganda, with a stamp Visa of 6 months that can be obtained at the airport-US $50 and a valid yellow fever vaccination card. Carry and provide these to avoid any inconveniences to enjoy your holiday Adventure vacation in Uganda.

Be Aware of your Budget

Before your transfer to Uganda, be aware of your travel budget so as to avoid un necessary expenditures on irrelevant items. You should book your holiday trip prior to the date of arrival noticing how the safari package has to flow as well as the costs of each encounter, what is included and excluded. Knowing your budget makes it easier to travel in Uganda with an authentic Tour Operator agency.

Interested in self Drive-carry your International Driver’s License

For travelers interested in self driving around the country should carry their valid International Driver’s License so as to avoid any inconveniences as they transfer from one place to another within Uganda. They should as well as have travel insurance and medical insurance covering them in case they get an accident or fall sick during the safari.

Be Aware of your Health

You should prepare and carry all medicine as stated by your personal doctor so that you don’t collapse while on holiday vacation. Carry your required vaccines and health certificates to enjoy your holiday vacation in Uganda.

Travel Light with simple electronic Gadgets

As you plan to transfer for you Ugandan safari Adventure, make sure you travel light by not carrying expensive accessories for these might attract goons into attacking you thinking you have a lot of money. You should carry simple phones, jewellery, tablets and simple clothes.

Appropriately Use the Internet

Before you travel to Uganda for the best holiday vacations, make use of the internet to make research about the various safari places and attractions one can experience while on holiday vacations in Uganda. This will also provide you a wide platform to select the tour operator agency you would like to use for your transfer. Don’t forget reputation on the internet as well.

Make Use of a Travel Guide, Map and GPS

Before travelling on a holiday vacation in Uganda carry a travel guide to guide you on where to transfer, What to do and when to travel. These have hints on the best places to visit in Uganda, best time to travel, best safari encounters etc. You should also travel with a valid travel Ugandan Map to enable you transfer smoothly along the various routes in the country and an updated GPS navigation system to inform you about the routes and destinations of the various safari places in Uganda. These can also help you in case of any emergencies to locate your tour Operator Agency so that you can reach them for help.