Honeymoon and Weekend Getaways in East Africa

Are you a lovely couple that has just got married and are looking for unique honeymoon destinations, book a safari with us and we shall give you the best adventure honeymoon experiences that will last forever. Depending on your preferences, the honeymoon safaris we offer vary from beach getaway, luxury safari experiences and bush experiences to enhance to you the best of East Africa’s finest wild places.

Look through the 11 honeymoon safari places in East Africa to enjoy company with your newlywed while on honeymoon vacation safari.

Pack the following gear for your Honeymoon Safari in East Africa i.e Sunscreen, shorts, flip-flops, light waterproof jacket, a formal outfit, bikini and mosquito repellent.

14 Honeymoon Adventure Destinations in East Africa

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar prominently known for its beautiful sand beaches that are visited from all over the world, the archipelago is suitably located a few kilometers off the main coastline of Tanzania. The island is very serene and soothing with Turquoise waters and white-sand beaches enfolded the whole Island with a busy capital city called Stone Town. The island offers unique beach honeymoons to all kinds of honeymoon travelers around the world that have interest in visiting the best beaches on the Island i.e Nungwi, Page, Michamvi, Jambiani, and Kendwa. You will as well as transfer around the beautiful capital-Stone Town as you taste the delicious food in the numerous restaurants as well as shop around the many store fronts.

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Murchison Falls National Park Uganda

Being one of East Africa’s best wildlife safari places, Murchison Falls National park should be visited by all kinds of travelers from all over the world. The park is suitably located in the North Western part of Uganda with numerous unique wildlife species that make every traveler’s dream remarkable. The animals spotted here include; the beautifully spotted Giraffe, Vast Elephants, Buffalo, Lions, Leopards, kobs, waterbucks, duicker, Topis, Bushbuck, small antelope, etc. The Park offers unique boat cruises along the beautiful Victoria Nile where visitors will have an opportunity to spot the Hippos, crocodiles, vigorous waterfalls, stunning rainbow as well as vibrant bird species flying from one place to another around the vegetation. This is a destination for honeymoon travelers looking to enjoy watching the BIG Five animals of Africa.

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Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania

Serengeti National park is situated in the Northern part of Tanzania offering exceptional safari encounters to all travelers around the world despite the fact that the majority of the visitors transfer here to experience and spot the Great Wildebeest Migration where numerous hoofed wildlife animals transfer through the Serengeti-Masai Mara Eco system. You will as well as explore the Ngorongoro crater and conservation area where you will spot numerous herds of elephant, zebras and other wildlife animals. You can also enjoy a hot air balloon transfer around Serengeti an encounter that is exceptional to lovers all over the world.

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Jinja Uganda

Jinja in Uganda is a beautiful fun town to transfer to by all honeymoon travelers looking for amazing honeymoon adventure vacations in Uganda. In the town, honeymooners can transfer to River Nile to experience amazing white water rafting adventures, kayaking, hiking and bungee jumping. All travelers that go here, can enjoy scenic encounters along the prominent River Nile as they watch the sun set over the Nile.

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 Masai Mara Game Reserve

Suitably located a few kilometers off the busy city of Nairobi, Masai Mara Game Reserve offers exceptional encounters to all kinds of honeymooners looking for remarkable wildlife safari Adventures in Kenya. The park has all the BIG Five mammal species and these can be spotted at ease since they lay there waiting for you to take photos of them to keep for memories. Some of the luxurious lodges in Kenya are situated in the park offering unique safari experiences, privacy, romantic getaways to all travelers around the world.

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Lake Kivu Rwanda

Lake Kivu a vast beautiful blue lake spanning between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo is a very beautiful lake to explore while on holiday vacation and honeymoon safari in Rwanda. The lake takes only an hour’s drive from Musanze Rwanda offering beautiful weekend trips, relaxed shore retreats, beautiful country side, Islands, birds etc. Relax along the beach in Gisenyi and stay in some of the beautiful Hotels like Lake Kivu Hotel.

 Mgahinga Gorilla National park Uganda

Strategically located in the South Western Part of Uganda, Mgahinga Gorilla National park offers amazing Gorilla Trekking safaris to all travelers looking for amazing honeymoon getaways in Uganda. The park has the same vegetation terrain as that of Volcanoes National Park so the Mountain Gorilla Trekking experiences here are like those of the vast beautiful Volcanoes National park. The Gorillas here are incredible as travelers will enjoy spotting them take care of each other. All honeymooners should transfer here for the best primate tracking experiences in Uganda while on honeymoon holidays.

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Mafia Island, Tanzania

Mafia Island in Tanzania is situated approximately 20-minutes’ flight from the prominent city of Dar es Salaam Tanzania. The Island is Zanzibar’s coolest Island and one of the minor tourist destination despite the fact that it is very good destination for honeymooners all over the world as they transfer here for unique Scuba Diving Adventures. The honeymooners can relax along the beach front and opt to dive all day as well as snorkel with the beautiful Whale Sharks. Transfer around the island on boats.

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 Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

Situated in the South Western Part of Uganda close to the border of Rwanda, Lake Bunyonyi is a very exciting safari destination for all kinds of honeymoon travelers around the world. Lake Bunyonyi is enfolded by numerous hills, beautiful sunsets, misty mornings as well as numerous beautiful Islands with vibrant lodges and campsites offering serenity, peace and relaxation to all honeymoon travelers. You can as well as take on a dug-out canoe trip, hike and play some ordinary scrabble games on the porch.

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 Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park is situated in Ruhengeri requiring one a few hours from the beautiful Kigali City and here Mountain Gorilla Trekking is carried out. The park offers amazing Gorilla safari experiences to all travelers looking for honeymoon getaways in Rwanda as they spot these amazing primates enjoy their natural habitat to the fullest. This should be every honeymoon traveler’s safari destination to be at as it connects you more to your lover.

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 Lamu Island, Kenya

Lamu Island is located along the Swahili Coast in Kenya offering exceptional holiday adventures to all kinds of travelers around the world especially those looking for honeymoon. The Island glitters with old-school charm, Arabic-influenced architecture, and idyllic beaches making it unique and amazing to Adventure by all honeymoon travelers around the world. The island is surrounded by vast resorts as well as luxurious town houses along the coast and these can be explored by honeymoon couples on foot.

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Ssese Islands Uganda

Located a few kilometers off the main shores of the beautiful Lake Victoria, Ssese Islands is a very beautiful destination to transfer to by all honeymoon travelers around the world. The Islands have beautiful sand beaches on which honeymooners can relax peacefully and have dinner as they listen to the sounds of the waves winding from one point to another. Transfer to these amazing islands inland Lake Victoria to enjoy the best honeymoon holidays in Uganda to the fullest.

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Kidepo National park

Suitably located in the North Eastern Part of Uganda, kidepo Valley National park is one amazing safari destination to transfer to by all honeymooners looking for amazing wildlife safari adventures in Uganda. The parks has lots of wildlife encounters to offer to all due to the variety of wildlife species that inhabit the vast Savannah plains on which the wildlife animals wander from one point to another searching for fresh grass to feed on as well as water to drink at around noon/ lunch time. Transfer here and experience one of Africa’s best wildernesses on honeymoon.

Amboseli National park

Want to experience and spot the best elephants around East Africa while on honeymoon holiday in Kenya, transfer to the beautiful green Amboseli National park to enjoy the best safaris. In the back drop, you will overlook the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro which will give you an opportunity to take photos with herds of elephants wandering around from one point to another in the beautiful National park in Kenya. Transfer here to experience the best Honeymoon Adventures while on wildlife safaris in Kenya.

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