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1 Day (Budget) Ngamba Chimpanzee Tour, Uganda

1 Day (Budget) Ngamba Chimpanzee Tour, Uganda is a short Chimpanzee Viewing Tour at Ngamba Island, Uganda. 1 Day (Budget) Ngamba Chimpanzee Tour Uganda is the ultimate Short Uganda Safari to do in Uganda.

Detailed Itinerary of the 1 Day (Budget) Ngamba Chimpanzee Tour Uganda

Ngamba Island is situated into Lake Victoria offering unforgettable short Chimpanzee viewing and feeding adventures to all kinds of travelers from the world looking for short safaris in Uganda. Getting to the Island requires you to transfer from the Airport to the shores at Water Front beach where you get on your cruise depending on what means you prefer you reach the Island.

Ngamba Island Sanctuary is seated on 95 acres of land with 5 acres for administration. They began with 19 Chimpanzees and today 47 Chimpanzee wander around their natural forest vegetation with females injected with implants that control them from breeding due to scarcity of natural food in the forest and yet they are fed on fruits and vegetables.

When you reach the shores you are approached by a guide who briefs you about the entire cruise to the Island, as well as the various attractions at the Island, then later informs you about Lake Victoria then later embark on speed boat to transfer you for 2 to 4 hours traversing the Equator then later you reach the Island and as you dock, watch numerous bird species fly around their natural vegetation habitat like weaver birds, comerands, and Egyptian goose then later you are welcomed by a guide who introduces you to the Island as they lead you visiting the various cages where you feed and view the Chimpanzees in their natural forest vegetation.

1 Day Uganda Chimpanzee TourInvolve in feeding sessions of the Chimpanzee as they come from the forest. 25 visitors are allowed in the presence of the Chimpanzee per session with the first one starts at 11:00am and the second at 2:30 pm. The Chimpanzees are named according to where they were attained from either poachers.

Today the Island is small hence due to increase in number of the Chimpanzees, some are being transferred to Murchison Falls National Park. .

After being in the presence of the Chimpanzees embark on transfer back to the shores at water front beach in Entebbe then later into Car to the Entebbe International Airport to board flight back home.

Safari Includes:
  • Ground transportation
  • Accommodation and meals as per itinerary
  • Lunch
  • Chimpanzee Viewing Adventure
  • Allowance of a knowledgeable English speaking guide
Safari Excludes:
  • Airfare to Uganda
  • Visas
  • cigarettes and personal expenses not listed in the program
Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary Prices

Ngamaba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary Prices are inclusive of a round Safari Boat ride, Entrance and Chimpanzee Viewing fees.

When Using a Speed Boat

Speed boats from the shores takes about 45 minutes to Ngamba Island. These are affected by the weather condition at the time though. When using a speed boat, below are the prices.

1 Person $326
2 Persons $168 each
3 Persons $118 each
4 people/more $88 each

Motorized Canoe

Boat ride starts at the shores taking about 90 minutes to the island. The prices are as below.

6 People $84 per person
7 People $78 per person
8/more People $73 per person

However, the rates provided are not permanent for can be changed any time.

How  to Get to Ngamba Island

Ngamba Island is located within Lake Victoria and can be accessed by use of Speed Boat or local motorized boat. With a Speed Boat, the journey traversing the Equator takes 45 minutes to the Island where as the Motorized local Boat takes 90 minutes.

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