Top 12 (Best) Safe Driving Tips 2021/22

Top 12 (Best) Safe Driving Tips 2021/22 in Uganda

Top 12 (Best) Safe Driving Tips 2021/22 in Uganda include; Monitor Your Speed, Keep your eyes on the Road, Avoid Distractions, Don’t drive on shoulders, Give Way, Fasten your seat belt so as you enjoy the Best Safaris in Uganda as you transfer on Self Drive Uganda from Bwindi Forest National Park, Murchison Falls National Park to Kibale Forest National Park and Ngamba Island.

Exclusive & Top 12 (Best) Safe Driving Tips 2021/22 in Uganda

  • Monitor Your Speed

    As you are preparing to travel to any part of Uganda, ensure to monitor your speed because this varies from 60 kilometers per hour to 80 kilometers per hour. This will reduce the rate of getting an accident or an over turn that may lead to loss of life.

  • Keep your eyes on the Road

    Be alert and always keep your eyes on the road while driving so as not to knock others which may lead to inconveniences and imprisonment.

  • Avoid Distractions

    While driving, make sure to pay attention and avoid any distractions that might take your mind off the road as well as driving the car. These include people along the roadside, chaos, fights along the road, animals crossing etc, you should be steady to avoid any issues-road accidents along the road.

  • Do routine Checks

    before transferring on your trip, make sure to do routine checks on the car, tyres and maintenance condition so as to avoid any accidents along the way. You check if the water levels are ok, oil, insurance as well as other tools like jakes to help you during emergencies.

  • Don’t drive on shoulders

    While transferring on your safari trip, ensure to keep a measurable distance off another car for driving on shoulders could cause some complications as well as accidents hence inconveniences as you travel.

  • Fasten your seat belt

    Before starting your car to travel, make sure to fasten your seat belts in Uganda. In case a police officer catches you without one, you will be liable to penalty which is a very serious inconvenience during your travel. So fasten your seat belt to save your life in case of collision.

  • Give way

    while driving along the roads in Uganda, you will notice and encounter many reckless drivers, so we advise you give way in case approached for this will make the whole travelling process easier and smooth.

  • Follow the Uganda driving rules and Road signs

    As you prepare for your safari holiday trip to Uganda, make sure to follow the driving rules for example having a valid driving permit because these are requested for at almost all stop points by the traffic police officers that stand along the road ways. Follow the various road signs as well to avoid getting into car collisions as well as road accidents.

  • Indicate when Overtaking

    If interested in over taking as you drive, we recommend you switch on indicators to signal other drivers on the road for this will reduce the rates at which accidents may happen along the road. This will also prevent you from colliding with other vehicles on the road.

  • Ensure to fuel your Car well

    before you set off with your journey to any destination around Uganda, ensure to check and refill your fuel so as not to get stuck along the road since this will cause an inconvenience on your trip as you will have to go look for a nearby petrol station which are sometimes located very far to fill your tank.

  • Make Yourself Visible

    As you driving along the roads of Uganda especially at night, make sure to be visible for all the other drivers on the road by indication, making sure your lights are on so as to reduce risks of running into any accidents.

  • Control your Emotions

    when on a road trip in Uganda, ensure to control your emotions because if you don’t, you might end up into problem with other road users which will inconvenience you on your safari.

East Africa’s Top 10 (Best) Places to Visit in 2021-22

East Africa’s Top 10 (Best) Places to Visit in 2021-22

Look through East Africa’s Top 10 (Best) Places to Visit in 2021-22, 10 Best Travel Destinations, Top 10 Places to Visit in East Africa to enjoy Safaris to Zanzibar & Tanzania, Masai Mara Game Reserve, Bwindi Forest National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park, Mountain Kilimanjaro, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kidepo National Park and Sipi Falls Uganda.

Top 10 (Best) Places to Visit in East Africa (2021-22)

Zanzibar and Tanzania

Tanzania is a very beautiful destination and one of East Africa’s Top 10 (Best) Places to Visit in 2021-22  for all travelers looking to experience remarkable safaris especially chimpanzee tracking at the prominent Gombe Stream National Park under the Jane Goodall foundation. Zanzibar, it is prominently recognized for its rich history as well as beautiful beaches offering all kinds of travelers unique holiday adventures around the famous Stone city as well as white beach sand along the coastline. Looking for peaceful, relaxed and remarkable getaways, Zanzibar should be you Top destination. Book Your Trip Now

Masai Mara Game Reserve

Suitably located a few kilometers off the busy Nairobi City, Masai Mara Game Reserve is the best wildlife safari destination in Kenya. The park can be visited any time of the year and every time, numerous wildlife animals can be spotted on a game drive safari. The BIG Five wildlife animals can be spotted in one day and in the dry season i.e July and September; numerous wildebeest can be seen around the vegetation terrain grazing before traversing to the other side at Serengeti National park. Visit the Masai in their traditional stays to learn more about their lifestyle. Book Your Trip Now

Bwindi Forest and Volcanoes National parks

Suitably located in the South western Part of Uganda and North west of Rwanda, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and volcanoes are the best Mountain Gorilla tracking destinations each interested traveler around the world should go. These are amazing with numerous Gorilla Families to be tracked and offer remarkable adventures to all. The Gorilla Trekking permits can be obtained direct through the UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority) and RDB (Rwanda Development Board) or an authorized Tour Operator Agency costing US $700 per person interested in Uganda and US $1500 per person in Rwanda. Book a Gorilla Trekking safari in any of the countries to enjoy the best holidays in Africa as you track the Mountain Gorillas. Book Your Trip Now

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

With the oldest and the World’s largest intact Caldera measuring 1,970 feet/ 600 meters deep, Ngorongoro Conservation Area should be every traveler’s Top Most Destination to go to while on holiday Vacation. Within the conservation area are numerous wildlife animals grazing on the green Savannah plains and these include; zebra, black rhinos, elephants, flocks of flamingo. Transfer here to experience remarkable safari holiday encounters in Tanzania. Book Your Trip Now

Serengeti National park

Famously know for the great wildebeest migration where numerous hoofed wildlife animals traverse through the Masai Mara and Serengeti Eco systems depending on the season of the year and breeding period. The park comprises of dotted plains with acacia trees and here you will spot lions, cheetah during the rainy season in the months of January-March since during this period the great wildebeest are giving birth to calves which are prey to the BIG Cats. Book Your Trip Now


Mt. Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano situated in Tanzania with a beautiful back drop of the green savannah vegetation on which various wildlife animals graze making the entire place very scenic and amazing. At a height of 19,340 feet/ 5,895 meters, the Kilimanjaro Mountain is the Africa’s highest peak making it a very exceptional safari destination to visit and climb so as to experience the best encounters in Africa on holiday.  Book a trip to climb/ hike this beautiful Mountain with an experienced guide from 5-9 days to enjoy reaching Africa’s highest snow peak. Book Your Trip Now

Murchison Falls National park

Located in the North Western part of Uganda, Murchison Falls should be every traveler’s wildlife safari destination looking for unique safari encounters with the wild. The park comprises of many different attractions that can be experienced and these vary from the wildlife to the birds as well as the prominent magnificent Murchison Falls that make the park an exceptional safari place to be at while on holiday in Uganda. You will spot Africa’s BIG Five species like the buffalo, Lions, Leopards, Elephant as well as the Rhinos at the famous Ziwa Rhino sanctuary. Other wildlife animals can also e seen wandering from one place to another within the green Savannah plains.  Book your wildlife safari to watch the amazing Victoria Nile, Murchison Falls, beautiful Rainbow, wildlife as well as the vibrant birds of the air. Book Your Trip Now

Lake Nakuru National Park

Suitably located a few kilometers off the main city of Nairobi, this soda Lake should be a MUST visit safari destination to all travelers looking for unique safari Adventures as it is congested with numerous flocks of Flamingos that are attracted to it for the algae that surfaces due to an increase in the alkaline in the dry season when the water reduces. The numbers of flamingos that visit the park vary time to time annually attracting numerous lesser flamingos that cover almost the entire Lake. Other wildlife animals can be seen as well and these include; lions, Black and white Rhinos, Cape buffalo, zebra, waterbuck and about 230 different bird species. Book Your Trip Now

Kidepo National park

Situated in  the North Eastern part of Uganda, Kidepo is prominently know as Africa’s vast Savannah wilderness due to the vegetation terrain that enfolds the park as well as the beautiful wildlife species that can’t be found anywhere else in Uganda. The park has been ranked the BEST wildlife safari destination in Uganda with animals like the cheetah, leopards, lions, vast elephants, etc. Book a trip to this wonderful destination to enjoy the best wildlife safaris in Uganda as well as unique cultural traditions of the local Karamajong people, IK remote tribe etc to the fullest. Book Your Trip Now

Sipi Falls Uganda

Suitably located in the Eastern part of Uganda close to the prominent Mt. Elgon National Park, the Sipi Falls should be experienced by every traveler looking to experience unique holiday adventures in Uganda while on Vacation. There are 3 distinct waterfalls that are very appropriate for all travelers interested in angling especially along the 3rd waterfall where they can fish the rare rainbow sprout. At Sipi Falls, expect to encounter people from different tribes and these will give you unique cultural encounters of their traditions and norms. Book Your Trip Now

(Best) Self Drive and Road Trips in Uganda 2021-22

(Best) Self Drive and Road Trips in Uganda 2021-22

(Best) Self Drive and Road Trips in Uganda 2021-22 while on Self Drive Uganda & Road Trip Uganda are (8 Reasons for Self Drive Uganda).

Are you transferring on a self drive Holiday in Uganda to Bwindi Forest National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Kibale Forest National Park to enjoy Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzee Tracking and Wildlife Safaris.

May be you are considering your trip? Thinking about the state of the roads around the country, how the entire car hire and self drive adventure will go? We are fully equipped to give you unique experiences that are soothing and incredible for all.

Luxury Uganda Safaris has grown throughout this game for a long period hence experienced to offer exciting safari experiences to all kinds of travelers interested in Self Driving around Uganda while on vacation holiday.

We are Self Drive experts in Uganda offering unique self drive safaris to all our clients from all over the globe. We draft tailor made safari packages to all clients depending on what they wish to experience and adventure while on holiday in the beautiful Park of Africa-Uganda since we are informed of the various routes and safari destinations around the country.

Why (Best) Self Drive and Road Trips in Uganda 2021-22 

Self driving in Uganda is one of the most prominent Adventure experiences every traveler should encounter while on holiday vacation Tour in the beautiful Pearl of Africa-Uganda. These offer travelers unique experiences.

8 Reasons why every traveler should take on a self drive Safari Holiday in Uganda

Superb Value for Money

When you go on self drive around Uganda, you save lots of money as well as encounter unique safari destinations since you are not limited to the drafted safari package made by the company representative.


Self Driving is very flexible due to the fact that it offers client s an opportunity to follow their own way without being restricted to a tailor made plan drafted by a safari expert. For example; you can easily add nights, safari destinations to transfer to as well as experiences to encounter.


Self driving in Uganda offers clients extreme privacy on their holiday trips since they do not have to follow packages drafted by the safari experts. It is very appropriate for solo travelers and those looking to spend their holidays personal.


All travelers that go self driving in Uganda have an opportunity to enjoy their free will, own space since they can go to any safari destination of their choice and can stop anywhere.


Self driving in Uganda is a very safe way to spend your holidays in Uganda since it enables you track your gadgets, luggage, documents etc without any worry of them getting lost/ misplaced.

Own Will

While on self drive in Uganda, travelers have the freedom to draft their own safari packages according to what they wish to experience while on vacation holiday depending on their specific interests. They can as well as change/ choose their accommodation preferences.

Reduce cancellation risks

Self driving is very appropriate to travelers since it reduces the risks of cancellation and not being refunded since the traveler’s role is to book a car with a valid tour operator agency then the rest is up to the traveler’s interests.


Car Hire/ self drive is direct and favors the traveler’s budget since you travel and experience what you want within your budget.

Why you should or should not use a GPS on Self Drive in Uganda

The GPS navigation system is very important for all travelers going on self drive safaris around the numerous safari destinations in Uganda. Numerous travelers have made this a MUST have gadget despite the fact that it has pros and cons depending on where the travelers want to go.

Some travelers have Google maps installed on their phones to help them locate their final destinations around Uganda.

We advise travelers to be cautious about using the GPS because these are very functional in the urban areas and less functional in the rural areas since all they indicate are the main roads around the city and towns but not the candid remote roads deep down in the villages.

However, it is useful to a large extent since it gives you directions around the city center as well as crowded streets making it easier for you to find city malls, shopping centers and markets around the country.

Safari Packing List – The Ultimate Safari Packing List 2021

Safari Packing List – The Ultimate Safari Packing List 2021

(See below for my Safari Packing List to Uganda.) What Safari Packing List Essentials to Pack for your Ultimate Safari (per person) 2021.

As you are preparing to travel to any destination of your choice in Uganda, Ensure to note down the Ultimate Safari Packing List to Uganda to enjoy the Best Safaris in Uganda as you engage in Gorilla Trekking at Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park, Wildlife Safari and Chimpanzee Tracking at Kibale Forest National Park.

With the Perfect Safari Packing List, you can as well as do other Safari Activities like Rhino Trekking at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, White Water Rafting at River Nile and Sipi Falls Hike.

Safari Packing List - The Ultimate Safari Packing List 2021

Your Ultimate Safari Packing List to Uganda (2021)

Below is the Safari Packing List all travelers should carry as they come for their Ultimate Safari  holiday in Uganda.

  • Malarial drugs/ skin repellants and a mosquito net
  • Sunscreen to protect y our skin from direct sun burn
  • Aspirin/Motrin/Tylenol for pain and/or headaches
  • 3 gallon-sized Ziploc bags to keep your camera dry or free of dust and dirty clothes separate.
  • Tampons/sanitary pads for women
  • Hand sanitizer gels
  • Anti-diarrheal medication
  • Candid Private toiletries like shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant
  • Prescription medications to avoid falling ill on your trip
  • Extra pair of glasses in case you wear contacts
  • Candid Flashlight to use while walking in the night
  • Camera with zoom lenses
  • Extra memory card for your camera
  • Binoculars for proper viewing
  • Ipads and other tablets
  • Cell Phone to enable you transfer safely around Uganda
  • Pain Killers
  • Vitamins

Clothing For Women

Clothing for Men

2 long sleeve shirts 2 long sleeve shirts
4 t-shirts 1 pair of comfortable shorts
1 pair of comfortable shorts 4 t-shirts
2 pairs of cotton trousers/pants 1 sweatshirt/fleece
1 sweatshirt/fleece 2 pairs of cotton trousers/pants
2 pairs of socks Flannel pajama pants
3 sports bras (ideal for bumpy/rough travel) 4 pairs underwear
1 cotton wrap-good to wear in the afternoon Sunglasses
4 pairs cotton underwear Hat with chin strap
Thin waterproof raincoat Swimsuit
Sunglasses-to protect you from dust Lightweight, durable, waterproof shoes
Flannel pajama pants Thin waterproof raincoat
Hat with chin strap 3 pairs of socks
Swimsuit Flip flops/ sandals for showering
Lightweight, durable, waterproof shoes  
Flip flops or sandals for showering