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1 Day (The Best Mabamba Swamp) Birding Tour

1 Day (BEST Mabamba Swamp) Birding Tour starts at Entebbe Airport to Mabamba Bay Wetland Swamp, Uganda. 1 Day (BEST Mabamba Swamp) Birding Tour is the Best Short Uganda Safari to watch various bird species fly around their natural forest vegetation habitat.

When interested in watching the sought-after shoebill stork, the Mabamba Bay Wetland Swamp is your destination as it is located near the prominent Murchison Falls National Park.

Detailed Itinerary of the 1 Day (BEST Mabamba Swamp) Birding Tour

So on your day of the trip, you rise up very early in the morning and have a cup of tea such that by 7:00 am. Embark on your journey to Mabamba Bay Wetland Swamp, located close to Kampala city.

You transfer for a 1hr and 20 minutes accessing Masaka or Entebbe Road. Mabamba Swamp is an arm of Lake Victoria connecting the main fishing village of Busi Island. The swamp lies near a relatively small village of Kasanje town with a few hills surrounding the entire swamp with fishing as the main activity, catching mostly Tilapia and lungfish in the small streams of the main papyrus grass-covered swamp.

The moment you get to this swamp, you will jump onto the wooden boat in search of this rare bird and several other birds which usually hide in the water weed to feed on the fish from the moving water in the swamp. The Shoebill stays in the papyrus, but will also rarely stay on land overlooking water. Some other birds of interest in the swamp are the African and lesser Jacanas, Pied Kingfishers, the African Pygmie goose and the blue-breasted Bea eaters.

Each wooden boat at Mabamba Swamp will carry at least 3-persons for easy bird watching with a birding guide and a boat captain and each session will take at least 3hrs depending on the luck of the day but a full-day birding excursion is also done.

So after treating yourself to this ecstatic experience, you will get to your self-driven car and drive back to Kampala this time using another route either on Masaka Road or Entebbe Road different from the one you used in the morning when going. Head back to your hotel in Kampala and this will mark the end of your trip to this wetland. Other Short Uganda Safaris to enjoy include; 1 Day Samuka Island Birding Tour, 1 Day Rhino Trekking Tour.

Safari Includes:
  • Ground Transportation
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Lunch
  • A knowledgeable English-speaking guide
Safari Excludes:
  • Airfare to Uganda
  • Visas
  • cigarettes and personal expenses not listed in the program
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