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1 Day Uganda Birding Tour-Uganda Bird watching Tours 2021

1 Day Uganda Birding Tour: Enjoy Bird watching Tour in Uganda at the UWEC where you watch various birds. 1 Day Uganda Birding Tour is the Best

The 1 Day Birding Tour Uganda gives you an opportunity to watch various bird species in Uganda’s Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC).

Day 1: Transfer to Entebbe

Our driver guide will pick you up from your hotel in Entebbe or Kampala and transfer you to Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) for a hilarious and memorable activity of birding.  With over 170 species of birds, UWEC has rescued these birds from poachers, kidnappers and has even taken up a few orphaned birds. These include 7 species of weavers: the rare Northern Masked and Orange Weavers, Kingfishers, Sunbirds, parrots, African fish eagle, ostrich, crested crane and many others.

After lunch go experience fantastic Ugandan bird species in the Entebbe Botanical Gardens. Over 150 bird species are resident here in the remnant patch of rain forest, trees, gardens and the nearby shores of Lake Victoria. The rocky headland makes an ideal observation point for pair of Verreaux’s eagle owls, orange tufted and red chested Sunbirds; orange weaver,  with slender-billed, Northern Brown –throated, yellow backed, Jackson’s Golden backed, Black-headed and Vieillot’s black weavers.

1 Day Birding Tour UgandaThe lake shores are habitat to long-tailed Cormorant, Common Squacco and black-headed herons; hamerkop, African Open-billed Stork, yellow billed duck, Grey headed gull, various terns, giant and pied Kingfishers, swamp Flycatcher, Pratincoles. Black headed Gonolek and Red- chested Sunbird occur in the dense scrub covering the headland. Great Blue and Ross’s turacos, Klaas’s and Diederik Cuckoos, Woodland Kingfisher, Broad-billed Roller, Black and white casqued horn bill and splendid starling are resident in the small rain forest. You may be rewarded with sightings of the two highly vocal and conspicuous species; the African Fish eagle and eastern Grey Plantain-eater, the latter constantly uttering their strange, chimp-like calls.

Watch out for Hadada Ibis , palm nut and Hooded Vultures, Shikra, Lizard buzzard , Long-crested eagle , Grey kestrel, Black Crake, Blue-cheeked Bee eater, Angola swallow, winding and red faced cisticolas, Grey capped warbler, common wattle-eye and Green throated and scarlet-chested Sunbirds.
Dinner at overnight at the Lake Victoria Serena hotel.